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Signage Installation

Signage installation is a complicated process. First off, it requires installers that are patient, personable, customer and service oriented, knowledgeable in codes, specifications and the intricacies of the installation itself and who can improvise in the field without compromising the integrity of the sign. All the same, it isn’t hard to find a signage agency that boasts a next day shipping. Next there are the tools and machinery required, the transportation of signs to the site, solvents, rags and paints for touch-ups and repairs, mounting templates for correct positioning, and adhesives and hardware for affixing the sign to the substrate. All these are laid out in near proximity to where the sign will be installed. Then once the sign has been hung and the protective coverings removed, the sign is cleaned and touched-up to remove fingerprints, scratches and abrasions and the tools and supplies brought to the site are gathered up and removed, remember to use a professional from the removal companies we recommend you.

We don’t consider an architectural sign installation successfully completed until all our work areas are free and clear of debris and the site is left in the same pristine condition as when we arrived. Other than an attractive sign, where none existed before, there is no evidence of our having been on site at all. And this holds true whether we install one large exterior sign or hundreds of smaller interior ones.

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April 22

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