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DURA Goes “Green”

At Dura we view sustainability as a multi-pronged initiative; that is, not just confined to the products we sell, but starting with resource management in our own factory.

Last summer, we proudly and successfully finished the pilot of our first employee organized green roof program, wherein our employees constructed self-watering containers from post-industrial food-storage bins to grow over 40lbs of fresh produce, including eggplants, yellow squash, zucchini, 3 varieties of tomatoes and multiple hot and sweet peppers. The self-watering containers were a semi-sealed system relying on capillary action to draw only the required water into the plant’s root system, thus the average water use for these planters was 60% less than conventionally watered plants.

Here are some of the other ways we’ve gone green.

1) We utilize computer programmed nesting software to minimize material wastage on our water-jet cut lettering, and the small amount of waste generated is fully recycled. High pressure water used for cutting minimizes toxins and noxious fumes released into the air as compared to CNC routers and plasma cutters.
2) We partner with our metals suppliers to ensure that the aluminum we use on metal sign fabrication is sourced from mills that utilize, on average, 85% recycled content or better. And over 90% of every metal sheet we purchase is utilized with cut-offs stored for future projects.
3) We also maintain an extensive and organized supply of plastic material cut-offs which we likewise inventory and use for future production. We discard less than 1% of our post industrial material.
4) Our 1 piece plastic Braille and tactile signage uses a minimum of 40% recycled content for the clear PETG substrates, leading the industry in sustainable solutions for ADA required signs.
5) We use low VOC, reusable cleaning aggregate on our floors. At the end of the useable lifespan for this aggregate, the waste can be removed as common refuse, and will biodegrade in a relatively short period of time.

Our factory is located only 2 1/2 blocks from the nearest NYC subway stop, permitting our factory workers and installation crews to use mass transit to travel to and from home and job-sites. We encourage the use of alternative transportation and the 58 year old president of our company sets the example by riding his bike to and from the office a few times a month, 25 miles each way.

As a manufacturer, Dura is privy to and involved in utilizing the latest eco-friendly substrates and manufacturing techniques. We invest in and have a commitment to the environment for current and future generations.

November 8